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General Medicals has been involved in the Analytical Systems business for over a decade. In 2003, these business activities were combined with the Medical Equipment subdivision. As a result of this strategic decision, the division as a whole has shown substantial growth and progress. This department collaborates with leading brands in the industry such as; Varian, Millipore, Fritsch and Thermo ARL, to provide equipment to various local industries in response to growing demand and the everincreasing requirements for quality and efficiency.

The analytical systems product range includes; spectrophotometres, liquid/gas chromatographs, columns, water treatment and distillation apparatus, optical emission spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction systems to name a few. In order to meet local demand in the petrochemical, health and aluminium industries, the department also carries an extensive product line providing; gas chromatographs, high performance liquid chromatographs, spectrometres, distillation apparatus, quant-o-metres and mass spectroscopy systems.

General Medicals’ skilled and technical team help clients to identify equipment for purchase from its widespread product range based on their individual requirements. In addition, the team provides equipment training to its customers and offer regular post-sales service and support.





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