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Diagnostics is the most significant subdivision of General Medicals as it provides a wide-range of innovative diagnostic testing kits, clinical laboratory instruments and equipment for the early detection of diseases as well as the target screening, evaluation and monitoring of diseases. 

The accurate diagnosis of a patient plays a decisive role in their health management. The subdivision activities are therefore, focused on providing first-rate diagnostic equipment and testing kits to hospitals and medical institutions in both the public and private sectors in the Kingdom.

The subdivision supplies; biochemistry equipment, hematology equipment, drug and hormone analyzers; cardiac, coagulation diabetic and cholesterol monitoring systems, urinalysis, PCR clinical and research from leading manufacturers in this field such as; Roche Diagnostics, Greiner Labortechnik, Reister GMBH, Omega Diagnostics, Crescent Diagnostics, Hemocue Ab Sweden and Hirshman Lab GMBH.

In addition to this, Diagnostics is a major supplier of laboratory consumables representing companies from the European Union, the United Kingdom, the USA and China.



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