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Strengthened by a very competent and professionally-accomplished technical team, Intercol today, provides regional support and systems integration capabilities for companies such as Harris, ASC and Huawei. The installations are handled by certified professionals and adhere to demanding international standards.

Support is the cornerstone of Intercolís success in the marketplace. Consequently, its business model is built around the philosophy of providing local support to customers, hence the establishment of the well-equipped Customer Care Centre for Nokia products, a Level-2 service centre for Motorola and a premium service partnership with Alcatel. The division is backed by a purpose-designed and custombuilt service centre which is fully equipped with repair and testing equipment to address the post-sales and maintenance requirements of the divisionís wide product range. Housed in the Mina Salman Industrial Area, the service centreís equipment includes the latest radio communication test sets, spectrum analyzers and state-of-theart soldering stations. Comprehensive anti-static and ESD procedures are followed in the facility to avoid potential damage to sensitive electronics.

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