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From the outset, the managing partners of Intercol recognized the importance of investing in people and in empowering experienced and competent management to handle the day-to-day operations of the business.

Committed to Bahrainisation, Intercol gives constant attention to the full development of every team member from senior manager to the newest recruit. The net result is that the company has a dedicated and loyal staff enjoying a well-deserved reputation throughout Bahrain for their professionalism, knowledge, technical expertise, attention to detail and timeliness in handling needs.

Such recognition emanates in large part from the quality of training provided, be it in the Groupís Training and Recreation Centre or within each divisionís own training facilities. Whether specific to a principalís products, general training or seminars of a highly-technical nature, the final intention of all training is the attainment of excellence.

Intercol has always ensured close attention to the health and fitness of its staff and their families, hence, the provision of a well-equipped recreation centre for their exclusive use. The facility also provides the opportunity for employees from every division to meet and engender the corporate spirit so evident in Intercolís everyday activities.

Intercol is very much the sum of its people. Their dedication to the tasks at hand has ensured past successes and is wholly integral to future growth and prosperity.

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