Intercol's New Generation

                             Ali Abdul Rahman Alwazzan and Ahmed Nizar Al Baharna

New Generation    

In line with the vision of the late Ali Abdul Rahman Alwazzan, Directors Sadiq Mohammad Al Baharna and Abdul Rahman Ali Alwazzan, Intercol’s new generation are deeply involved in the current activities of the company. With their all-encompassing knowledge of the company and every aspect of the underlying business, Ali Abdul Rahman Alwazzan and Ahmed Nizar Al Baharna continue to lead the new generation of the Intercol family by working hand in hand to achieve the company’s goals and objectives and lead it into the future.

A perfect balance between traditional values and fresh and innovative ideas to running a business, Intercol’s new generation continue to realise the goals and aspirations of the older generation whilst creating new ones in line with the challenges of the future. As the past fifty years have been a testament to Intercol’s dedication to success through “Building on Experience” the next fifty years will reassert the values and success that the Intercol family upholds. The best is yet to come.




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