Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Division




ARD retains the exclusive distributor rights for Thermo-King and is a leader in mobile refrigeration systems in Bahrain. The division provides a comprehensive sales and service facility for insulated boxes, freezers and chilled units of any size and on any vehicle from panel vans to trailers.

ARD has executed the designing and commissioning of various cold rooms some of which are among the largest installations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and as a result, it dominates the mobile refrigeration industry in the country.

Cold Rooms and Retail Solutions

ARD has one of the Gulf regionís most diverse range of cold rooms for retail purposes. State-of-the-art cold room equipment and computer-guided hardware enables ARD to support industrial processes that require the utilization of cold rooms.

ARD has a wide range of top-of-the-line products and solutions that cater to all kinds of businesses in the market. These products and services are supported by professional and on-time maintenance from ARDís pool of highly-skilled sales team and certified technicians.

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