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The Science and Industry (S&I) Division represents Intercolís investment in technology products and services. With over 120 principals across all areas of information technology, telecommunications, defence and commercial applications, each a leader in its field, the division enjoys pre-eminence amongst its peers in Bahrain.

The division prides itself on adding significant value to business rather than merely representing principals as an agent. To this end, it believes strongly in a partnership model with principals that enhances the ability to provide added-value to the products and services offered to customers. As part of this strategic focus, S&I forms partnerships with the best-of-breed vendors who are leaders in their fields of expertise, enabling the provision of comprehensive results covering many different sectors through the effective use of technology-intensive solutions. S&Iís team includes skilled professionals with certifications and expertise in a wide range of telecommunications, information technology and systems integration solutions.

Headquartered in Bahrain, the S&I Division over the past two years, has been rapidly expanding into markets outside of Bahrain to cope with market opportunities that have emerged and been fuelled by strong regional economies and the deregulation of the telecom market. The S&I Division now has offices in the United Arab Emirates, the State of Qatar and the State of Kuwait. The S&I Divisionís vision is to continue to expand and diversify and become as strong a player regionally as it is in Bahrain over the coming five years.

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